Fever Island

We’re delighted to announce that PROJECTile’s own Caron Geary is featured in River Island‘s 30-year anniversary groundbreaking campaign celebrating diversity and casting the evil eye on discrimination of all forms.

Caron features on the soundtrack used for their Clothes Are For People | Be Unique With River Island campaign video with its accompanying  #LabelsAreForClothes hashtag. The video challenges race, gender, age and sexuality stereotypes with the diverse cast dancing along to very credible sounds.

The track, Fever was originally written and recorded by Caron Geary —under her musical moniker of Feral is Kinky— as a track for a solo album project. For the River Island campaign it has been remixed by more recent music personality Endor. The blips and boops may be different, but the unmistakable voice of Feral cannot be mistaken.

Beginners luck? We know not. Ms Geary wrote and co-wrote—and performed on (under her then guise of MC Kinky)—some of the most memorable dance anthems to come out of the late 1980’s “Summer of Love” including Everything Starts with an E and Generations of Love.

For those of us who know and work with the indomitable Caron Geary, we can only congratulate River Island on such a consummate and congruent choice. Yes, the track works perfectly for the campaign. But for those less familiar with her oeuvre, it’s vehement yet joyful call for social justice is hardly anything new for the woman who has created foot-tapping, witty songs drawing attention to everything from  the plight of the most disenfranchised fringes of the Caribbean gay community and oppressed women to racist police violence in the USA.

To quote the lyrics of Fever, ” Pick up the pace.”


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