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Two for the price of one? Or multiplied value as we prefer to think of it…

DFNI Cruise & Ferry Conference 2018

PROJECTile’s Erika Loch and Sarah Wagner are literally just back from Rome where they presented and participated in a panel discussion at the first ever DFNI conference devoted entirely to the cruise travel retail sector.

Presenting and taking part in a panel discussion at the sold-out DFNI Cruise & Ferry Conference 2018, each covered a different but related topic. Erika Loch focussed on evolving and emerging trends in luxury retail in general, but most notably in the area of emerging sustainable brands with “millennial appeal”, based on her expertise, experience and knowledge grown within more mainstream luxury marketplaces.

Norwegian Joy sea trial

Sarah Wagner homed in on the emerging trends for cruise travel products and the cruise market in general, examining everything from “hot” destinations to thematic trends. A not insignificant segment of the travel market given that it is one of the few to has shown consistent and impressive growth since 2009. This is obviously important for on-board retailers to consider along with what the consumer preferences and expectations are.

As those who are actually in-the-know know, travel retail is a significant channel for luxury brands globally; established or emerging. And the honour to be invited to speak at a conference organised by the travel retail title that balances credibility against heritage more than any other is one that PROJECTile truly values.

Luxury is never far away on board

For Summer 2018,  it might be, “Arrivederci, Roma.” But PROJECTile looks forward to future DFNI conferences and new ways in which the travel retail channel’s interest in what it specifically has to offer.

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