Les artisans de la mer

Long-time PROJECTile collaborator Rob Streeter recently returned from Madagascar where he captured arresting images telling the story of Mada Fish, a Madagascan fish and seafood company that focuses on offering the best—and some highly specialist—fish and seafood sourced sustainably and in a way that underpins support of local fishing communities on this unique island in the Indian Ocean.

Rob Streeter for Mada Fish

Mada Fish has a number of different strings to its bow but its core business centres around sourcing wild-catch fish and seafood from local fishermen caught in traditional, environmental low-impact ways in some of the world’s cleanest waters and sustainable eel farming. The fish and seafood are then prepared for international markets in an up-to-date facility in keeping with international hygiene standards.

Rob Streeter for Mada Fish

Recently under new management with a commitment to getting Fair Trade practices and sustainability standards certified in what remains one of the world’s poorest countries, we think that Rob has beautifully cinched the brief, which was to tell the story of where your quality fish supper actually comes from and to capture the people you will be benefitting when you opt for best-quality Madagascan bounty of the ocean.

It may be early days yet for Mada Fish’s big push on the international market, but keep an eye out for Robs images and videos. After all, as seasoned trooper in the F&B sector, his previous fish-friendly commissioning clients already include Itsu and MJ Seafood.

In addition to his vaunted commercial work, Rob is of course also known for his editorial “food stories” that document where what we eat comes from and the peoples whose work goes into making it possible.

Rob Streeter for Mada Fish

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