Backing a Winner

Get over the grimness of back-to-the-grind January with Elvis & Kresse’s latest look in ethical luxury.

The jaunty Backpack in their Fire & Hide collection is fit-for-purpose for all the items essential for contemporary commuters and busy business jaunts and turns all of those tiring workdays into something where at least you know you’ve got your back covered with some feel-good luxury. The Backpack Lite is a smaller option for those who have mastered the art of Marie Kondo and don’t need that much space for their daily baggage.

Backpack Lite

Available in a range of colour combinations that take the greyness out of the winter 9-to-5, both the Backpack and Backpack Lite feature straps made from from Elvis & Kresse’s signature material,  genuine decommissioned fire-hose; a body made from rescued Burberry leather and a reclaimed metallic grey lining that was previously destined for landfill.

To discover all the colour combinations and learn more about Elvis & Kresse’s award-winning sustainable and ethical luxury accessories, simply click here.

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