8 Great Italian ‘Slow’ Wines

As our minds inevitably drift towards spring and summer breaks, we’ve cracked open the archive to pour out another fine vintage of content created by one of PROJECTile’s creative writers, this one for travel operator  Trafalgar. It’s still just as pleasing to the palette…

We recommend some excellent wines to complement destination and local cuisine.

Italy’s ‘slow food’ movement – an ethical and a green focus on sourcing ingredients as close to home as possible – naturally applies to wine too. Where would the world’s most beloved cuisine be without all those amazing wines? But the trend for ‘slow’ wines means that sometimes all the best stuff is appreciatively digested before it even has the chance to leave Italian soil. The solution? Well, you’ll have to go there and try them for yourself, just like we did.

Our tip for Cinque Terre is a good Colli di Luni

“..the Baj-Macario family produces excellent wines on the estate surrounding their twelfth-century castle..”


Tuscany’s wines are as world famous as its romantic landscape that has appealed to the roaming spirit for centuries; from medieval Flemish painters to the E. M. Forster characters [read more].

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