The Eclectic Goes Macrocosm

Wow! We’re so proud of our work and, let’s face it, downright good times enoyed working with the inspiring luxury fragrance brand Sarah Baker.

So, following on from the fantastic reception of the brand re-launch and launch of new fragrances at ESXENCE-2019, it’s warming to see Fragrantica, the luxury niche perfume world’s bible, do this great piece on Sarah Baker and her maison at the fair.

For those who know that the nose and its olfactory glands constitute an organ of underrated importance, this engaging and thoughtful attention to Sarah Baker’s unique approach is high praise indeed.

And with new retailers in the Middle East and the USA that have been secured as a follow-on from the fair, as well as serious interest from Mexico and Germany, it’s great to see Sarah’s hard work paying off.


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