Artistic Integrity

What can we say? We’d be lying if we thought there was anything “strange” about Sarah Baker‘s project with Baroness Magazine and Versace. Given that so much of the work of this London-based American artist has focused on bringing an intelligent critique to the boundaries between luxury (fashion) and art, it seems almost inevitable that Versace would want to work with Sarah.

But, the Holiday Saga 2019 campaign for Versace has given Sarah Baker and Baroness a broad remit to revisit the traditional “Christmas campaign” that takes the form to new heights. The campaign features videos starring Danish supermodel Helena Christensen as the heroine of Baker’s typically open-ended and enigmatic narratives. Simultaneously referencing and repositioning the “grande supermodel” stories of the 1980s, Sarah Baker, weaves a seductive soap opera that reminds us why we religiously watched Dallas and Dynasty with such conviction throughout the 1980s.

Sarah Baker is a respected American contemporary artist. Born in San Francisco, she grew up in Buffalo, NY. Following her post-graduate education at London’s prestigious Goldsmiths, Sarah Baker made London her home. Her work that challenged—while engaging with—the world of luxury fashion has seen her show internationally and her works acquired by influential collections in mainland Europe, among other places.

What started as an artist’s project has seen her morph into a de facto parfumier under her Sarah Baker Perfumes brand. She has published fragrances created by some of the most directional noses of the day and continues to take fragrance to places entirely worthy of her practice as an established contemporary artist.

Featuring a beautiful coffee-table book among other things, this is the 2019 “Christmas campaign” of the discerning. Watch this space. How it plays out will be a thing of beauty…