Positioning is strongly related to branding, but it’s not the same thing. In industries like fashion, accessories or luxury travel, you might have the most beautifully articulated brand, but still be missing a trick.

In a world where a seemingly endless number of new and existing brands want to claim luxury status, things are even more difficult or diluted. It’s not just about competition, but complex factors like how your target markets accept — or reject— your claim to being a luxury or premium brand. Increasingly, assessments are made at the speed of an Internet connection, weighing up price against the influencers with whom you’re associated or the competitor channel they were looking at four minutes ago.

In the age of hyperpersonalisation, we cannot rely on the old definitions of luxury or upmarket, not even those from five years ago

Some of our core members have an impeccable track record of steering fashion, luxury, lifestyle and travel brands through the muddy waters where commerce meets brand identity. They are the skilled, no-nonsense people you’re seeking ; to consult or work alongside an in-house team, whether short-term or in a more ongoing way.  They can help you or your agency accurately judge the intersections between your strategy, campaigns, market reception and the bottom line.

They are also able to work with brands at the stage where they need an extra boost of business development or very young companies—when getting into the right stores (or getting out of the wrong ones), key events or selective luxury digital platforms are really important.

In the retail arena, our skilled professionals have those important relationships that can open doors internationally, with key digital platforms, with large influential departments stores and a myriad of independent luxury and high-end retailers. When it comes to your luxury goods brands, we’re not only here to help with strategy and advice, but we’re able to broker important meetings and to scrutinise any deals on the table to help you make the right decisions.

The same can be said for our network of high-end travel operators, desirable hotels and successful lifestyle services: all of them need to stay ahead in their respective games and and we are trusted to put the right “new thing” in front of them.

In what is probably our most bespoke service, this is one about which we would really need to have a chat to work out the best way forward for your needs. So, get in touch, whether you’re an exclusive accessories brand that needs to be brought to the attention of a particular channel or a craft alcohol brand that urgently needs some visibility in the right chic hotel bars in cities where you have no representation or experience. 

Our services in this strand include…

} Business development, whether working with you to distill your brand essence and interrogate you current strategies for growth, or implementing direct B2B brokerage and introductions to key individuals

} Working with you to produce relevant in-house assets to support your business plan, whether documents on pricing for a range of markets or sales decks for use by your in-house team and sales agents; B2B campaign assets for targeted retailers/operators or more conceptual documents on your brand values and ethos

} “legwork” — delivering an agreed programme to revisit and enhance your existing “doors” or operators or directly advocating access to new ones

} Working with you and your team on business development with key target markets (perhaps most notably North America, mainland Europe and Asia) within key categories such as luxury/premium fashion, lifestyle or travel

} Providing coaching, mentoring and training services to your and your staff on the business practice and how the markets operate in regions with which we are familiar that might be new for you

} Advisory and support — particularly for start-up and “infant” brands—on the various routes into investment including incubators, accelerators, crowd-funding and other platforms

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