Positioning is strongly related to branding. But it’s not the same thing. In fashion, accessories, lifestyle or luxury travel, you might have the most beautifully articulated brand, but still be missing a trick.

In a world where seemingly endless new and existing brands claim luxury status, things are even more difficult or diluted. It’s not just about competition, but complex factors like how your target markets accept — or reject— your claim to luxury or premium status. Assessments are made at the speed of a wi-fi connection, weighing up price against your brand associations or the competitor channel they were looking at four minutes ago.

In the age of hyperpersonalisation, you cannot rely on the old definitions of luxury or upmarket, not even those from five years ago.

Our associates have impeccable track records of steering brands through the muddy waters where commerce meets brand equity. We’re the skilled, no-nonsense people you need; to consult or work alongside an in-house team, short-term or in an ongoing way.  We can help you accurately gauge a balance between your strategy, campaigns, market reception and the bottom line.

We work with established brands that need a boost of business development or very young companies—when getting into the right stores (or getting out of the wrong ones), key events or selective digital platforms are really important.

We have those important relationships that can open doors internationally. When it comes to your brand, we’re not only here for strategy and consulting, we’re also able to broker important meetings and to scrutinise deals on the table to help you make the right decisions.

We get it, whether you’re an exclusive accessories producer that needs attention in a particular channel or a niche craft drinks brand after some visibility in the right chic hotel bars in cities where you have no representation or experience. 

Our services under this pillar include…

} Business development—working with you to distill your brand essence and hone your strategies for growth;  implementing direct brokerage and introductions to key individuals

}  Creative direction and design – whether taking the lead on the project and delivering entirely or working with your (in-house) agency, our top-drawer creative/art directors and heavyweight designers can bring that cutting edge to your brand; print, digital or 3-D. We have the capacity for omnichannel, 360° brand articulation

} Producing relevant in-house assets to support your business, whether documents on pricing for a range of markets, sales decks for your in-house team; B2B campaign assets for targeted retailers/operators or in-house comms that effectively convey brand values and purpose to your team

}legwork” — revisiting and enhancing your existing retailers, agents, “doors” or operators and directly enabling access to new ones

} Business development with key markets (most notably North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia) in luxury/premium fashion, lifestyle or travel, amongst other categories

} Advisory and support — particularly for start-up and “infant” brands—on the various routes into investment including private investment, incubators, accelerators, crowd-funding and other platforms

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