We all know roughly what PR and marketing are and that it has diverse specialisms. Ours is being very good at understanding the evolving needs of specific sectors such as emerging luxury brands, premium travel operators, niche Food & Beverage companies and sustainable fashion, amongst others.

In today’s landscape this involves skills to optimise opportunities in rapidly evolving digital and mobile spaces. Yep, some of our network are geeks. We know how to do all those clever things with SEO, how to optimise your social media growth to the right audience or to select and negotiate the right agreements with influencers who actually make a difference.

We can simultaneously help you create the right assets for effective digital PR and visibility—video, photography or something cleverly interactive using snazzy platforms you may not even know.

It’s also about understanding “the bigger picture”: how to optimise your brand presence and ROI on your marketing and PR spend, important for most companies, but essential for small brands. But, it’s not all about digital or an impressive contact book. For example, being seen in the right shops and on the right platforms or taking advantage of affordable events can be a way to leverage optimum, targeted visibility. This is why we think of it as “presence”.

“…a thousand right people are worth more than a million random eyeballs.”

Most importantly, we understand the luxury, niche and premium segments, and why they can’t risk brand equity. We understand why some companies need exactly the right audience rather than the biggest reach and why, with others, it’s completely the other way around.

We play nicely with others: we’re happy to work with larger agencies as a contracted service or your in-house team, successfully translating the brief or campaign into the realm of digital, mobile or on-brand events. And no, we won’t steal your clients. Like we said, we are a network not an agency…

Our services under this pillar include…

} Boutique PR and brand-building to relevant B2C media and/or B2B audiences

} Discrete omnichannel campaigns requiring robust digital execution, including SEO optimisation, digital campaign delivery and managing influencers across all channels

} Live—events, exhibitions, press days, activations and pop-ups

} Multilingual PR — our network offers experienced marcomms professionals with first languages of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Dutch. So we are able to deliver in any of these or more than one simultaneously; B2C, B2B and B2B2C. And we are very experienced in managing translators/multilingual campaigns in even more languages

} Transnational PR — our partnerships are strong across Europe, North and Southern Africa, North America, Latin America and Australasia/Pacific Rim. Thus, offer great value for brands from the UK wanting to raise their profile in these regions and vice versa

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