Wooden Diamonds

Ahead of the London debut of Fabiano Goulart‘s wood-centric jewellery, PROJECTile’s Caron Geary has delved deep for her product shoot that takes these pieces back to the place of their almost innocent conception.

Most of Fabiano’s collections have grown from a place of dissatisfaction: the lack of available jewellery that spoke to him in terms about which he should care. The resultant offer is one that places some of the world’s rarest and most protected woods—from Fabiano’s native Brazil—at the centre of the pieces.

Reclaimed from antiques and discarded 19th-century bric-à-brac that has no real notion of its value in today’s world, these are bold pieces of jewellery that ask us to reconsider the planet’s bounty. Lovingly restored pieces of wood here fulfil the role traditionally reserved for jewels while the settings, austere and without frivolity, plot an equally ethical path, whether in silver or gold.

Caron Geary’s product and campaign shoot takes the brand back to its primordial roots with settings that place raw wood beside processed; they literally return the pieces to the wilderness whence they came.

Fabiano Goulart’s gender-neutral pieces remind us that the things we most overlook function not only as the most precious in commodity terms, but also aesthetically, in pieces that elaborate a restrained beauty that only a philistine would deny.

In Caron Geary’s shoot for Fabiano Goulart, ideas such as a return to nature or simplification are not pretentious conceits. Rather they lie at the heart of this unique jewellery brand postulated on a consideration of today’s Brazilian botanical and mineral legacy and designed for an international market with discerning tastes.