Why us?

We are a network, not a company — so you’re not paying for our hipster-chic offices, our trophy receptionist (yeah, the one that doesn’t exist) or the cash we spent on the Michelin-starred eateries, showing off with jollies when we should have been executing.

Projectile is a network of highly skilled professionals and creatives with their own established practices and businesses that work well with and complement each other.

We’re not an agency. And we don’t want to be — we prefer to work directly with you, your in-house team or with your existing agency, improving cost efficiency by providing only the specialised services you need.

Skills gaps and capacity problems—in-house and in otherwise effective agencies—drive up costs. Why foot the bill for an agency familiarising itself with a sector or destination when we can help them—or you— and hit the ground running?

We are modular or integrated — with us you only pay for the services you need.

If you have your own art director and need someone to do the (boring) logistical bits, no problem. But if you need a full-service solution, from supplying an experienced creative director and casting talent to brief, we also have that expertise. We are from A to Z, from B to B, and from B to B to C…

We offer expertise and pragmatism — our network is based on bringing together those who have a proven track record in their respective disciplines; visionary but not delusional.

We are consummate artisans without pretensions to prices commanded by artists. We have no intention of telling you you should pay over and above a reasonable rate with an arrogant, “Don’t you know who we are?”

We have a bond. Yes, really — Our network has grown organically out of a long history of its members working together in all kinds of configurations, in all kinds of professional relationships over the years. And, we like each other. A lot.

Knowing and trusting each other, we are able to dive straight into a project. We have a shared history of working to tight briefs. We don’t muck about.

We have breadth — though based primarily in the UK and Europe, our network and proven track record extends over every continent (that includes Antarctica, by the way.)

Pretty self-explanatory: if you have a ludicrous challenge with multiple locations and multilingual markets, chances are we can deliver for you.

We are realists — we understand business and we understand our abilities. We’re all experienced enough to know that the way to hell is pathed with good intentions.

 We are very clear that our expertise and skills have primary relevance in specific sectors. If your needs lie outside of these, we will provide you with an honest assessment of our experience and ability to deliver or make onward introductions wherever we can. The door is always open.


“…a body projected by external force and continuing in motion by its own inertia;”