Clients & Partners

A thousand right people are worth more than a million random eyeballs.

Here are just some of our clients. We’ll respect your needs if you don’t wish to broadcast our involvement. Whatever your game, discretion is always our byword.

Please contact us directly with a little more information about yourself and your needs at if you would like to know more about how we work and with whom we work.

We work with HNWIs and we work behind-the-scenes. We work with brands committed to bringing healthy eating to the masses and we work with companies that that are undeniably in the exclusive, luxury bracket. We don’t see this as a dichotomy. We are not snobs. But we we are discerning. We prefer to think of it as “less obvious luxury”.

We are always more interested in the right audience over mass audience.  When we work digitally, we don’t do cyber-blanket-bombing. We extend your digital reach matched against your needs. We’re not interested in generating — and charging you for— massive traffic that has no likely outcome of engagement with what you do.

And, our offline work is just as targeted whether print or live events, collabs or partnerships.

So let’s have the conversation and see whether we can be of use.

Our clients and partners include (in alphabetical order)…

Achaa ProjectsBad NorwegianBespoke Your World Bold Londonla CalifornienneClaude & StorzC A S ST LDigitalWorksElvis & Kresse Fears WatchesGlendalough HouseJONG! Design — Kati KaiaKingdom of the Netherlands (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Labels Inc.Peruvian Ministry of Foreign AffairsRapport LondonSarah Baker PerfumesSchofieldTrafalgarTravel Top 6Thiessen ConsultingVamvalis FoodsVilla Lena