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The PROCTile story so far...

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Who we are

PROJECTile is the result of serendipitous meetings that turned into a niche branding, content and communications agency. It came about when the worlds or fashion and commerce collided with contemporary art and B2C creative many moons ago...even though those involved didn't know it until years later.


We are a network. So, highfalutin titles mean little in our structure. That said, our key initiators and movers-and-shakers have held director-level roles in editorial, culture, luxury goods, directional fashion, statutory agencies, sustainability and tech innovation, among other sectors. So, yes, we’ve been busy since we kicked off in 2016.

Our people deliver topnotch creative and projects for international and heritage brands as well as for young disruptors and larger agencies. Sometimes they deliver in parallel to recording a new album, making a respected art exhibition or turning out a vaunted screenplay. Collectively and individually we have experience of successfully delivering on-brand to complex briefs, working directly with the C-suite, with the agencies of international brands and in lean and mean, experimental ways.

If you really love and believe in your brand, we’ll get it. We’ll respect what you’re trying to achieve and deliver within the structure you use. We’re artisans, not artists—okay, so the ones who have museum exhibitions actually are artists—but let's not split hairs. We’re not divas.

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