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We all know roughly what PR and marketing are and that they have diverse specialisms. Ours is understanding the evolving needs of specific sectors.

Today’s landscape demands optimising opportunities in rapidly evolving digital spaces. Yep, some of our network are geeks who do all those clever things with SEO, turbocharge your social media growth to the right audience or to negotiate agreements with influencers who actually make a difference.

No, we are not asking you to compare us with traditional agencies. We know how to dig into the little box of tricks, but we are most certainly not a performance marketing agency. We’re not the people to ask if you want bang for advertising buck on TV or massive programmatic campaigns. There are plenty out there who promise to do that for you—if you have the budget—but that’s not our party piece. We’re a bit more niche.


“A thousand of the right people are worth more than a million random eyeballs.”

Our sweet spots

We can help you create the right assets for effective digital PR and brand visibility—video, photography or something cleverly interactive using snazzy platforms you may not know. Or, we might access you to invite-only events you never knew existed. As always, it will be very focussed.

It’s also about understanding “the bigger picture”: how to optimise your brand presence and ROI on your marketing and PR spend, important for most companies, but essential for smaller brands. But, it’s not all about digital or an impressive contact book. For example, being seen in the right shops and on the right platforms or taking advantage of affordable events can be a way to leverage optimum, targeted visibility. This is why we think of it as “presence”.

Most importantly, we understand the segments in which we specialise, and why they can’t risk brand equity. We understand precisely why some companies need exactly the right audience rather than the biggest reach and why, with others, it’s completely the other way around.

Building your presence

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