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Our Values

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You don't have to be a hippie to work with us. We offer a free training programme...

PROJECTile is born of an unapologetically idealistic belief that we can all be better; to each other and to the planet. This whole little enterprise was born of a desire to help brands whose commitment to ethical business practices we admire, underpinning their missions as best we can with our own areas of expertise.

Like Mary Wollstonecraft in her 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman' (1792), we don't really do bullet points when it comes to our value position, so you'll have to actually read it. Sorry.


Our people don’t all ascribe to the same ideas or positions—you only need to see us in action to understand that. We are, after all, based in a democratic ethic. But, there are unshakeable principles to which we are all fully signed-up members. 


We believe in the sanctity of human life, that all people—yes, even the irritating ones—deserve dignity, respect and the right to a safe and just society. 


We believe in the responsibility—right down to every single person involved—to address our shared environmental crisis through appropriate policies and actions.


We believe that creativity comes in many forms, whether innovative scientific thinking or beautiful artistic expression, and that all of this, a gestalt, brings additional benefits and meaning to all our lives.

In the real world

We are careful about with whom we work. No, we don’t expect you to be perfect. Just like us, you might be wanting. Nonetheless we expect that your striving to be better is genuine and committed, just as ours is.


In other words, we are not a “greenwashing laundry”, nor the right agency if you want help covering up your complicity in things you knew were wrong when you did them, no matter the price you’re prepared to pay. 


Take a look at our people—or, indeed, our fantastic clients and partners. Among them you’ll find veterans of struggles—against gender inequality, racism or homophobia—whose battle scars and political passion is real and a matter of record. They were on the Section 28 bus, documenting atrocities in Africa or pioneering a feminist onslaught on male-dominated industries. And, you’ll find activists who were campaigning on environmental issues when others thought the hole in the ozone layer would merely let in more sunshine…


No, we’re not virtue-signalling. Our consensus on ethical business practices, commitment to sustainability and supporting more equitable societies through transparent governance is a matter of unassailable consensus precisely because all of these are too important to make personal or take personally. 


If you and your brand share these values, we’ll get on famously, even if it’s all a little new to you. We wholeheartedly promise to listen to you and treat you with respect. To do otherwise would be hypocritical. Yeah, we know that there’s a lot of that about. But, it doesn’t involve us. Furthermore, our commitment to confidentiality is sacrosanct, even if we conclude we can't work together.


Feel free to ask for independent opinions on how we work when it comes to our values. We have nothing to hide. 

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