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Our People

Creative First

There's a reason that we're a network and not an agency. Every one of our people are creatives, some in the more traditional areas associated with the term. Others passionately deploy their creativity in social or environmental initiatives, in tinkering about at the cutting edge of tech innovations or bringing true creativity to business strategy. 

What we all share is a desire to be working at the coalface of creativity and not getting caught up in the minutiae of building an agency empire.

Quite a number of our clan are practicing artists who balance their more commercial practice with making art. Others are creative writers involved in writing feature scripts or making films as pure expression. If you think that means we're flaky and don;'t know how to deliver in the commercial world, take a look at out clients and projects we've delivered.

Core Crew

Meet just some of our sprawling network and you'll see what we mean about our people having true creative credentials beyond the usual parameters of agency norms or claims. 

They are a mere taster. We have associates specialised in everything from virtual reality design and soundtrack composition to academic journal editing and food design.

With PROJECTile, you always get the heavyweights on your project. Even our most junior associates are educated to a post-graduate level with a minimum of five years experience in their areas of specialism. No, we don't demand it. They just found us.


It's not a that we don't nurture younger talent. We just don't leave them in charge of client projects because a bigger, more lucrative project has demanded our attention. We're not aiming to be a powerhouse agency. Like we said, we're a network.

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