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Case Study — Kati Kaia photography

A project delivering bespoke, on-brand photography assets for Kati Kaia, a London-based boutique start-up offering exercise mats made from sustainable materials.


Kati Kaia is a boutique London brand offering consumers in the booming wellness lifestyle segment—such as yoga or Pilates enthusiasts—desirable exercise mats, desirable as much as anything else because they are made from entirely sustainable materials. A newly launched brand, Kati Kaia needed on-brand photography assets to help articulate her brand.

The Project

Kati Kaia emphasises the more spiritual aspects of the brand’s commitments, circling back to the heritage of the meditation aspects of the physical practices—such as the ancient traditions of yoga—for which the brand’s products were created.

So, what could be more appropriate than to hand this one over to PROJECTile’s Caron Geary, pretty much lock, stock and barrel? A photographer with numerous museum credits as an exhibited artist under her belt, Caron also just happens to be a part-time resident of Ibiza, yoga destination par excellence.

Furthermore, experienced in professional talent casting for international brands—you might have seen some of the talent she cast in international Dove campaigns—we pretty much left this one up to her professional judgement and fulfilment.

A fine example of how PROJECTile is able to work within the viable budgets of even tiny start-up brands, Caron’s delivered assets for Kati Kaia walked the perfect line between a rather conceptual artist’s approach, the esoteric and the commercial, using appropriate talent she cast herself and shot in the unique, evocative landscapes of Ibiza.


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