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All that jazz

We’re all learning to cope with life during an impending pandemic. But, niche London fragrance house Sarah Baker is being proactive.

Barely weeks ago, Sarah Baker could never have imagined the house’s new initiative—Jazz Hands, a set of four hand sanitisers produced to a free recipe recommended by the World Health Organization, each combined with one of the SARAH BAKER fragrances.

In a matter of just weeks, the brand has produced and released an entirely new product born of Sarah’s personal response to a pressing global challenge. And, it's been a great honour to work with Sarah on pulling it all together; us all pulling together.

Sarah Baker explains: “We wanted to make this product as affordable as possible, but we are also adamant that we want it to contribute in some way to frontline efforts—which is why we are donating £5 of the sales price of every Jazz Hands pack to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, a charity providing lifesaving medical humanitarian care to people who need it most.

And, at a local level, in the part of London that is home to the fragrance house, the hand sanitiser is being donated to Made in Hackney for use by emergency food service workers delivering meals to the homes of vulnerable people.

To learn more about the story behind these hand sanitisers, please go here.


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