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Sisters are doing it

Two women who founded businesses that are clients of PROJECTile are featured in Female Founder Spotlights marking International Women's Day 2023 in The Successful Founder.

Two women entrepreneurs who founded their own businesses and deploy PROJECTile have been featured in The Successful Founder in the title's celebration of International Women's Day 2023 as part of their Female Founder Spotlight series. Better still, their brands couldn't be more different.

Sarah Baker, founder and creative director of SARAH BAKER perfumes, shares her insights into the very particular world of luxury fragrances here.

And, Daphne Thissen, founder and CEO of Thissen Consulting has built a specialist consultancy servicing the architecture, construction and engineering sectors that remain male-dominated despite valiant efforts to implement change. You can learn from her experience here.

At PROJECTile, we're proud to celebrate International Women's Day every day of the year.


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