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Jemima Brown is Funny HA HA!

Jemima Brown is showing works in the exhibition ‘Funny HA HA!’ at Maddox Gallery, Maddox Street, curated by artist Roxana Halls

As some of you may recall, humour and laughter were at the centre of Umberto Eco’s weighty novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ (1980). A dense tome operating partly as a traditional whodunnit, Eco wove weighty existential and theological questions into his medieval monastic detective novel. Questions such as, “Is laughter an offence to God?”. The result was critical acclaim and popular commercial success.

Okay, so we’re not suggesting that ‘Funny HA HA!’ curated by Roxana Halls, whose own paintings are included in the show, has been so doggedly intellectual in accordance with the prevalent fashion for Postmodernism in Italian literature at the time when Eco published his blockbusting novel that later went on to be realised as a film starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater in 1986 and more recently revisited as a TV series (2019) starring John Turtturo and Rupert Everett. But, clearly it’s not an exhibition that’s simply about gags and considers the ways in which humour interrogates serious issues.

PROJECTile’s Jemima Brown one of the artists that Roxana has invited to exhibit in a line-up that includes Laurie Lipton, Harland Miller, Tracey Moffat and Stella Vine, amongst various others.

The exhibition is on at Maddox Gallery, Maddox Street, London until 22 January 2023.


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