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King of the C A S S T L... or jack?

C A S S T L presents the work of British artist Jack Davey in 'In Bulge', opening 15 December 2022

'In Bulge' is a solo project by British artist Jack Davey that opens at C A S S T L in Antwerp on 15 December 2022.

Davey, who lives and works in London, studied in Antwerp, first attaining a Masters degree in Fashion (2013)—yes, from that prestigious Antwerp fashion school—and later a Masters in Fine Arts Sculpture (2018) from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. FYI, technically they're different departments of the same prestigious academic institution. But, we digress...

The exhibition will focus on a body of work, made entirely out of parcel paper, that he developed during a month-long residency in Ticino, Switzerland earlier this year. Culminating in two full-sized, interactive installations entitled 'Dirty Room', these were supplemented with drawings, painted collage and video. 'In Bulge' expands on this work, refining the concepts, materiality and questions of impermanence examined during this period.

After its opening on 15 December, the show will run until 23 December 2022.

C A S S T L is the non-profit exhibition space created and programmed by artists Carla Arocha, Stéphane Schraenen and Luc Tuymans.


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