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Back to their roots

Fears Watches, technically Britain's oldest watchmakers, returns to its birthplace of Bristol

In these uncertain times, we're utterly delighted at the news that Fears Watches have returned to Bristol, the city that saw the birth of the UK's oldest quality horology brand some 175 years ago.

In November 2016, Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the great-great-great-grandson of Edwin Fear, the founder of the original Bristol watchmaking concern re-launched his family’s company at the SalonQP with its first wrist watch in the twenty-first century, the Redcliff.

Nicholas, who earned his stripes as an apprentice watchmaker at Rolex, has steadfastly strived to return Fears to its rightful place as Britain's premiere quality watchmakers since reviving the heritage brand founded in 1846 that closed its doors in the 1970s.

Surviving the immense challenges presented by the pandemic, it's a real breath of feel-good fresh air to hear of the brand's new showroom in Bristol, the city where all that precision horology was born 175 years ago.

Congratulations, Nicholas. We're sure that Bristol is very proud to see such a prestigious operation come home to roost.


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