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Criminal Caron

The sheer genius of our own Caron Geary, remixed by Endor, that proved such a boost to River Island‘s online anti-discrimination campaign, has been given an additional, new outing.

Alibi TV, a leading UK TV channel for crime drama—which carries acclaimed dramas such as Miss Marple, Quantico, Taggart and CSI: NY, and many others—will feature the track in a new, original series debuting later this year that already looks certain to get TV crime drama fans and television execs alike buzzing.

Set in Dundee, the scientifically precocious Scottish city not exactly known for it’s riveting pace of life—but oddly close to where Donald Trump insulted locals with his ridiculous disrespect of golf heritage—the drama centres around a team at SIFA, the (fictional) Scottish Institute of Forensic Science.

Airing in autumn/winter of 2019, Traces focusses on the character of 23-year-old Emma Hedges, played by BAFTA-winner Molly Windsor whose new lab assistant job inadvertently draws her into an unsolved murder case close to home and possibly too close for comfort.

Joined by the likes of Martin Compston, who needs no introduction for his role in the internationally acclaimed Line of Duty and written by the fantastic Amelia Bullmore—one of our associates wrote a screenplay specifically and entirely by her her because she’s such a fantastic actress (yes, we could say ‘actor’, but we’re in ‘reclaiming’ mode—this is one of those series that will inevitably become a cult of tomorrow, whether meteoric hit or slow-burn.

Watch out for it in the autumn. We’ve yet to find out which particular episode features the Endor remix of Caron Geary. But, it doesn’t really matter. We suspect you’ll want to see every episode. What can we say? Even in an overcast Dundee, Scotland has never been short of good musical taste.


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