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Loudo, ludas, ludat...

Loudo, the latest extrait de parfum release from the house of Sarah Baker, rounded off 2021 with numerous accolades

The second oud-based fragrance from the house of SARAH BAKER, the extrait de parfum named Loudo, was only released in October last year. It was created by nose Chris Maurice, considered masterful in all things oud by those in the know, who also created the eau de parfum Symmetry for the S.BAKER Collection in 2021, the house's first release of a fragrance showcasing sustainable organic oud, one of perfume's most desired and luxurious ingredients.

Yet, by the end of the year, newbie Loudo had already garnered rave reviews by highly respected reviewers and made it on to various lists citing it as one of 2021's best new fragrances. You can learn more here. Happy New Year, Loudo!


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