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Love island

PROJECTile's Caron Geary shoots new product images for a sustainable artisanal jewellery brand on Ibiza

Hot off the press: we can't help ourselves from sharing some of the images Caron Geary has been creating for sustainable jewellery brand Fabiano Goulart on Ibiza.

Fabiano, long based on the Med's most (in)famous "party island", creates stunning pieces of handcrafted jewellery from ethically sourced precious metals and reclaimed rare woods from his native Brazil.

Each of Fabiano's pieces evokes the idea that these now endangered woods deserve the reverence once only reserved for rare, precious gems in jewellery. He sources the unique woods by tracking down scrap pieces discarded by carpenters and old pieces of neglected furniture once made from these now rare and protected woods. Each of his beautiful designs is at once an object of desire and a reminder of the fragility of our planet.

Caron's concept for the new images is to literally take the jewellery back to the source and shoot them within nature, wood touching wood.


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