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Man of 1000 days

A fantastic time was had by all last May—no doubt fuelled by the quality English fizz—at the launch of the Fears pop-up within the Mayfair premises of British heritage leather goods brand Pickett.

With a new variation on the form, Fears will once again be swanning into Pickett, this time to mark the 1000th day since Fears—actually England’s oldest watch brand—was re-established in 2016 by Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the great-great-great-grandson of Edwin Fear, founder of the concern. It will also see the launch of new Redcliff and Brunswick watches as well as a special collaboration with Pickett.

As with last year’s jaunt of the Canterbury-based watch company, an additional delight is promised in Pickett’s Mayfair boutique at the end of Savile Row on Burlington Gardens: Fears will once again use the impeccable, intimate interiors to treat us all to an exhibition of rare items from the Fears Archive.

Whether you’re looking to acquire a piece by the hottest name du jour in British haute horologie or are simply a connoisseur of the art of mechanical watchmaking, this is a hidden gem you can’t afford to miss. Get it in the diary, though: blink and it will be gone.

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