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Our seasonal gift guide

Here it is, PROJECTile's 2022 seasonal gift guide. Spread the joy.

Here we go, the PROJECTile Christmas gift edit just for you… Why? Don’t blame it on sunshine. Don’t blame it on moonlight. Don’t blame it on the good times. Blame it on the boogie…

Our top tip is for the gorgeous Happy Family Cushion Cover, but there’s a lot more to be had from S&G. Another manifestation of Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf, erstwhile artist and architect, go here if you want to go directional. Conceptualism and modernism fall foul of Pablo’s initiation into Japanese textiles via the mediaeval tradition of bestiaries. Just saying…

Who doesn’t love a perfect gastronomic experience? Some of us have been fortunate enough to experience a brilliant wine and cheese pairing with Geoffrey—thank you, Scott—and it’s something you’d wish on others. You can gift these experiences or, if your needs are different, Nivard will sell you gorgeous cheeses and/or wines that will score you brownie points with true aficionados.

Okay, hands up, Sarah is a collaborator, compadre and generally a mensch. So, yes, signing our names in the “vested interest” column. Nonetheless, my dears, if you are going in a fragrance direction for seasonal gifting, this is the only maison you need to know. Go with the latest release, Gold Spot, if you want the ultimate luxurious oud by nose Chris Maurice. Better still, opt for Sarah’s own creation, Flame & Fortune. Don’t take our word for it kids: read the reviews by top perfume critic and writer Nicola Thomis.

Okay, so again signing that “vested interest” column if you insist, though we’d like to believe that the Scottish nature of this brand is not why we love it… okay, so maybe just a little. Joan Johnston’s luxurious cashmere bedding and other products come with the feelgood pedigree of a patented technology based entirely in sustainability. So, you can sleep easily—and very warmly—this winter. Or even be cool next summer.

Desarrollo Artesanal Rentable; (D.A.R.) Proyectos (Sustainable Artisan Development Project). Yeah, it might sound like the social workers are knocking on the door. And the truth is that they’d probably facilitate that if you needed it. But do not underestimate the aesthetic rigour of this Peruvian brand that offers home items from textiles and planters to lighting, simultaneously providing work for skilled artisans. There’s a reason they’re now stocked in top luxury retail outlets and have won prestigious awards.

We’re bored with singing that “vested interest” ledger now. So let’s just skip to our favourite bad boys, those bad Norwegians. True pioneers in the male grooming space, you can tick all of the boxes, from sustainable and organic to vegan and not generally being a big woos… So, yes, the perfect option for gifting to men who insist on being “men”. We’d love to claim credit for turning simple verb-driven phrases into great product names but these Vikings got there first.

Even if you’re scared off by art, go straight to the source for unique items: tea towels; artist-designed wallpapers printed by vaunted heritage wallpaper manufacturers; a sofa that allows you to sit on the faces of British politicians; or a beautiful publication published to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the women’s peace camps at Greenham Common. Go on, feed an artist this Christmas…

The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK Give the gift of nutrition. TAPF is a unique charity that serves nutritious meals daily to 2 million schoolchildren in India. It opened its first international kitchen in the UK during the pandemic in 2020, and serves up to 3000 freshly prepared meals a day to UK children and those living with food insecurity. A £1.50 donation will provide a nutritious meal in the UK, while just £15 will sponsor a child in India for an entire academic year.

Drawing inspiration from the colours of California skies, this independent outfit is a breath of fresh air in the world of timepieces—classic design that’s gender-agnostic; colour palettes and craftsmanship that create distinctive, cheerful, and stylish watches and straps for those who appreciate arm candy that's not limited to household names out of Switzerland…

There are many choices to be had from the world’s most impressive agriturismo. Plan ahead and book a romantic spring break with your beloved or even a fully catered "full takeover" wedding in the villa's stylish surroundings amidst the 450-hectare estate in the wildest part of Tuscany. Failing that, order their steadfastly sustainable wines, olive oil and artists’ products for a lucky loved one via their online shop.


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