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Rob Streeter's exquisite new limited-edition photo essay book translates the ancient art of curing from the palate to the eye

Rob Streeter is a photographer known primarily for his delectable food photography, though that is a little unfair—he's proven himself equally adept at arresting travel and lifestyle photography.

But, we digress. As an adjunct to his consummate ability to deliver tempting and sumptuous commercial food images for everything from the smallest artisanal concern to mainstream international food producers, he's continued with his personal passion of telling food stories through the visual media of photography and video over the years.

Whether the hidden stories of potato farmers in Peru, or just how food ends up on the table in Transylvania, these lyrical and poetic stories of how we are what we eat, told in visual form, have rightfully captured the attention of canny media decision makers and, in turn, gained editorial attention.

So, we're utterly delighted at the arrival of The Cure, a limited-edition photo essay book designed by Laura Bertinelli. The Cure focusses on the ancient art of curing meat and seafood whether by smoke, salt or air drying. And, just as well travelled as Rob in his quest for quality food stories, it takes a meandering geographic journey.

Just one of the things that makes this book special is that it gives a print iteration to thematics captured in so many of his food stories not yet printed; the way that what sustains us involves very real people or (sacrificial) animals. Embedded within the beautifully aestheticised images lurk the shadows of harsh existential realities that demand that we literally do need to cast swine before the pearls (of flavour) they become.

If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these lovely books, get in touch with Rob via his website.


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