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Sprtiz me with holidays

Sarah Baker, with her artist's hat on, has delivered a five-star seasonal campaign for Versace that really does promise to make the Holiday Season special

The fantastic Sarah Baker, not in her guise as the eponymous fragrance house she created, but as an invited artist, has collaborated with Italian luxury brand Versace to produce the stunning Holiday Saga 2019 campaign.

This really isn't the forum to try to explain Sarah's complex work as an artist, nor her unique take on a "traditional Christmas campaign". Let's just say that if you look into Sarah's artistic oeuvre—let's face it, it's what spawned her luxury fragrance brand—and have a soft spot for 1980s soap operas of the Dallas and Dynasty ilk, you'll love it.

It's not a long stretch to understand exactly why Donatella and Allegra Versace wanted to work with Sarah on this stunning, artist-led campaign that includes a handsome coffee table book, a limited-edition original song on tape cassette and a sprawling, glamour-infused soap opera rolled out in short video snippets featuring Danish supermodel Helena Christensen.

And, oh yes, the videos were edited by Michelle Deignan.

The campaign will celebrate its UK launch on 5 December 2019 with a special private event at Versace’s Knightsbridge flagship store in London where Sarah, styled by Versace, will be signing copies of the book.


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