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The real lunch awards

The innovative workplace lunch-sharing app has enabled 50,000 donated meals in one of the world's poorest countries through colleagues sharing lunches with each other

Massive congratulations to on their astounding achievement of 50,000 meals donated through their in-app Club for Good. is an innovative start-up that strives to change the way we do workplace lunches in the so-called developed world. Their app enables colleagues to sell and buy homemade lunches from each other at work. It might sound crazy, but if it achieves an economy of scale the benefits are almost endless: healthier, cheaper lunches at work; a reduction in food waste; bonding with colleagues over food; greater lunch choice... the list is almost endless.

But, one of the most impressive features of the app is that for every meal sold and bought on the app, a small percentage goes towards donating food to communities in Madagascar, one of the world's poorest countries in very real terms.

In December 2021, the Club For Good feature on the app saw an astounding 50,000 free meals donated to its targeted communities.

Once again, big congratulations to everyone at And, if you're an HR decision maker or simply an interested individual, please be sure to check out their website where you can find out how your use of the app starts helping feed others immediately. It's free to download and use, so get cooking.


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