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Truffle mania

Truffle season will once again soon be kicking off at Villa Lena in the wilds of Tuscany. Don't miss out.

Considered by many the ultimate gastronomic thrill, white truffles are a speciality of Villa Lena’s 450-hectare estate situated in a surprisingly unspoiled part of Tuscany between Florence and Pisa.

Villa Lena harvests these delicacies using age-old methods, in this case, traditional truffle hounds. It also offers a full range of activities focussing on the sought-after white truffle for its guests and visitors.

For the more adventurous, you can join a truffle hunting party heading out with the dogs as they take off up wooded slopes in search of the valuable fungui that command astounding prices in speciality food outlets in cities around the world. And, having helped find them, you can even join a cooking class where you learn how to make a delicious lunch with your precious find.

Or, if you’re less hands-on, you could simply book a place at the villa’s San Michele restaurant for a delicious multi-course tasting menu in which the precious white truffle takes pride of place.

But, whether you’re checking in for a relaxing stay or simply booking a table, we suggest you do so soon: Villa Lena follows the ancient yardsticks of seasonality. White truffles are traditionally an autumnal delight with late September and October being key calendar periods.

So, maybe even time it to join for Villa Lena’s big Halloween party, when they rock on into the night before closing for the winter.


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