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Take me to the mountain

Caron Geary once again participates in Europe's long established "international cosmic arts lab" in Granada, Spain

PROJECTile's own Caron Geary was once again on top form at Space Mountain Festival as a headlining DJ. Styling itself as an "international cosmic arts lab", this cult festival that takes place in Albuñuelas, in one of the most beautiful corners of Granada Province, Spain, reemerged from the pandemic with a very positive vibe.

Caron Geary—yes, with her MC Kinky hat on—was one of the DJs who cranked up the rays of musical joy for both the hardcore 'Summer of Love' acid house veterans and a new generation of love.

The brainchild of British musician and music producer Martin Glover (aka Youth), who opened his home and recording studio in Albuñuelas for a unique festival based in professional creatives sharing with each other, Space Mountain Festival has an utterly different vibe and purpose compared with many other festivals.

Taking place over three days, the festival is a labour of love put together by a tiny crew of the fiercely committed who bring together some of music's most influential creatives over the last three decades and set them free to frolic in nature and engage in unbridled creativity. By all accounts, a good time was had by all. And, yes, Caron, we are jealous.


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